The Solving MS Team

Tom Harrison

Tom has worn many hats over the last 58 years. He graduated with a BS degree in Industrial Technology. Tom worked in the computer industry, moving up technical management roles to the level of director. Tom was also a partner in retail development, a fitness center and a chain of movie theaters until MS had taken its toll. Tom enjoyed playing drums, building cars, building furniture, making metal projects and welding. Since the diagnosis Tom had turned to research MS treatments and find what works and spread the word to others in need.

Daniel Wright

Daniel has a background in financial services, corporate management—over asset protection, Audit Training and Compliance. Daniel has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, while attending graduate school for an LPC degree and studying for a CFP license, in 2012. Daniel enjoys time with friends, family and a weekend in the blind connecting with nature. His passions include helping people and improving broken systems. These passions led him to trying to improve the quality of life for so many people suffering with “incurable” autoimmune diseases.

SammyJo Wilkinson

SammyJo has been researching a solution for MS full time since the disease ended her technology career In 2002. She has been a strong advocate for regenerative MS treatments. She has lobbied state legislators, Congress and the FDA on laws and regulations relating to stem cell therapy. She happily accepted the invitation to join Solving MS, and with the help of many talented volunteers from the group, has developed the Solving MS Regenerative MS Therapy Research Database; designed to help MS patients find clinical trials they can join now, and be part of the new wave of regenerative medicine that is finally arriving. She has a BS degree in Business Administration with a finance major; during her 14 year career she was a programmer and database developer.

Karen Menendez

Karen's love of the law began in childhood and grew into a 25+ year career in NYC law firms - from staff to Human Resources to firm administration. Aside from applying her Business Administration/Human Resources degree, Karen is artistic - creating digital drawings, photography and writing short essays. With a voracious appetite for knowledge, a passion for delving deep into research, and the heart of a volunteer, she wants to use her skills to assist the team in Solving MS for people suffering with the awful disease of MS. 

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